How To Join

The first thing you do to join the church is just show up. In the Episcopal Church, we believe "praying shapes believing," which for us means we just show up and worship together and somehow God works out the rest. So first of all, worship regularly.

The next step is to join the parish, which you can do by filling out a little paperwork contained in the Newcomer's Packet, available at the Welcome Desk in the front entry. Just ask anyone you see and they will gladly give you a packet.

The final step is to either transfer your membership, if you are a member of another Episcopal Parish, which you can do by asking our office to begin the transfer paperwork, or by being Confirmed or, if you have been confirmed in another tradition, by being Received. Both of these take place at our annual Bishop's Visitation, and require some preparation with our clergy. To begin this process, just speak to one of our Priests or staff.

Joining the parish is simple and yet important, because as a member you are fully integrated into the life and governance of the parish, voting at the annual meeting, eligible to sit on vestry (governing board), and serving at the diocesan and even national levels. Everyone who attends regularly is strongly encouraged to become an active member in this way.