Worship Ministries

There are many ways to assist preparing for and celebrating worship here at St. Francis. As the apostle Paul wrote, everyone has different gifts and each gift is unique and necessary for the whole body to function. That is exactly the way it works with worship. Some are gifted at preparing the space, some are gifted with musical talents, some can read well, some can write and lead prayers, some assist at the altar, some distribute communion, and some welcome and assist with seating. All these are necessary jobs and all are ways to get involved in ministry on Sunday morning during worship.

If you are interested in any of the ministries listed below, please contact the office at 308-632-4626 and someone will contact you and get you trained and scheduled.

Altar Guild

Sets up and takes down the various liturgical items used during communion. Washes tableware, refills candles, cleans and folds linens, replaces seasonal items, resets and prepares altar between services. All this is done in teams, lead by our Altar Guild co-chairs. Training is provided and teamwork is essential. This is a fun and very much needed ministry that is always looking for new members.

Ushers and Greeters

Greet people as they enter building for worship, hand out service bulletins, assist with any mobility needs getting in or out of church and sanctuary, collect offering, record attendance. People who enjoy others and love to meet new people are naturally gifted for this ministry. Minimal training is required, and you can pick a service schedule that fits your life. Needed at both the 8:00AM and 10:00AM services.

Musicians and Singers

We are always looking for someone to share their special musical talents at our 10:00AM service. Whether you play an instrument or sing, we have a place for you to share your gift. Our choir is singing occasionally right now, but we hope to have a regular weekly choir beginning in the fall of 2014. Now is the time to get involved! See Fr. Mark for more information.

Lay Eucharistic Minister

During communion, the clergy is assisted in distributing the consecrated elements by lay ministers. There is some training involved and Lay Eucharistic Ministers typically wear robes, process, and sit up in the chancel during the service. This is a great ministry for people who find particular joy in celebrating the sacraments of the church.


These are readers, who process to the front of the church and read the lessons assigned for the day. Lectors have strong voices and read and speak well. The lessons are distributed to the lectors during the week in which they serve, so that they can practice ahead of time.


This person reads the Prayers of the People during worship. As with Lectors, Intercessors should enjoy reading in public and have a natural gift for public speaking.

Lay Eucharistic Visitor

This ministry actually takes place outside of worship, but is included here because one of the duties is to take consecrated elements (communion) to shut-ins. In addition, Eucharistic Visitors call on parishioners who cannot get out much and listen to, share with, enjoy the company of, and generally befriend those to whom they are assigned. This ministry is best suited to people who are good one-on-one, who enjoy the company of others, who listen well, and who are able to complete training sessions with our Lay Visitation Coordinator.