In the Episcopal Church, each parish is bound by national and diocesan canons (rules), and governed by a local board comprised of parish members, which we call a Vestry.

At St. Francis, our Vestry consists of 12 members -- the Rector (our Senior Priest), and 11 lay members. The Senior and Junior Wardens assist the Rector in the day-to-day business of the church, and are elected to 1-year terms. The other 9 Vestry members are elected to 3-year terms, with three elected every year. Elections are held and the Annual Parish Meeting every January.

The Vestry meets monthly to discuss the various business and ministry needs and accomplishments of the parish. The Rector chairs the meetings, which are open to all members of the parish, although only Vestry members may bring and vote on resolutions.

The current members of the St Francis Vestry are:

Name                             Term Ends

Steve Trickler, Sr. Warden     2015

Rick Gable, Jr Warden          2015

Cher Maybee                       2015

Jane Hunter                        2015

Morgan Cook                       2015 

Ann Selzer                          2016

Jerry Leonard                      2016

Jim Calder                          2016

Margaret Chase                   2017

Tyler Pettit                          2017

Monica Shambaugh             2017