New To St. Francis?

If you are new to the Episcopal Church, our style of worship may not be familiar. We are a Protestant church that has a high view of both sacrament and liturgy, which may be very familiar to those coming from other liturgical traditions.

Eucharist and Baptism for us are at the very heart of what we believe about God and our relationship to God.

We celebrate Holy Eucharist, or communion, every Sunday and nearly every time we get together for worship, and believe that in the gathering of the people, with a priest or bishop presiding, and with the bread and wine presented as sacrificial gifts, that somehow, Jesus Christ becomes actively present in the community. We don't pin it down much further than that, which is different than some traditions, but we do believe that in Communion something real is happening.

Similarly, we believe that in our Baptism, we are raised to new life sharing in Christ's own resurrection, and that in that moment we are, through the work of God's Holy Spirit, "sealed and marked as Christ's own forever." In the Episcopal Church, we baptize all ages, trusting that God works through sponsors (godparents) and all those present who promise to raise baptized children in such a way that they will one day claim the promises for their own.

Our worship service is in two parts. The first, which we call Liturgy of the Word, consists of scripture readings, a short homily, and prayers. The second part, the Liturgy of the Table, is Communion. We sing hymns from a variety of sources, and are always looking for new ways to praise God with our music.

Following the service, we gather in the parish hall for coffee hour, which is a time of fellowship and conversation, always with coffee and usually with some treats.